New PCard Reconciliation and Approval Process Coming to Campus

A new software package will be implemented this fall that will improve efficiencies and compliance with procurement card (PCard) transactions. These enhancements will take effect beginning with the October 28, 2016 billing cycle.

The new reconciliation and approval process will provide PCard users with monthly online PCard statements, receipt imaging capabilities, and seamless approval workflows. Cardholders, approvers, and auditors will benefit from the improved process, and four groups on campus will now be required to attend both online and in-person training tailored to their respective PCard roles:

  • PCard holders
  • PCard coordinators
  • PCard approvers
  • PCard supervisors

If you would like to know more about the new reconciliation and approval process, visit the Procurement & Business Services website.


For More Information Contact

Melissa C. Moore
Director of Communications and Public Relations
Campus Services