New Policies Protect Data and Guide Information Technology Use

Georgia Tech’s information technology (IT) policies have been recently updated to make it easier for students, faculty, and staff to find relevant policy information on a wide range of IT topics.

Specifically, the Computer Network Usage and Security Policy, the document that has provided the guiding principles for the use of IT resources at Georgia Tech, has been replaced by three new policies: the Acceptable Uses Policy (AUP), the Cyber Security Policy (CSP), and the Data Privacy Policy (DPP).

“The new policies are designed to make it easier for our campus constituents to find detailed information on Georgia Tech’s usage, security, and data policies,” said the Office of Information Technology’s Information Security Policy Compliance Manager Blake Penn.

The AUP provides the guiding principles for use of the Institute’s IT resources. Appropriate use of IT resources allows the Institute to achieve its academic and research missions while maintaining a culture of openness, trust, and integrity within our digital spaces. This policy contains the general do’s and don’ts users must follow when using Georgia Tech’s IT resources.

The CSP provides the guiding principles for securing IT resources at Georgia Tech. This policy includes rules for research computing, network management, systems administration, and security incident reporting.

Finally, the DPP provides the standards the Institute follows when accessing the files and communications of students and employees. In the interest of promoting academic freedom and the mission of the Institute, Georgia Tech recognizes its obligation not to infringe upon the reasonable privacy expectations of its employees and students with regard to their electronic communications and data. This policy details the privacy expectations of users and includes procedures to handle exceptions to these expectations.

More information about these and other policies can be found in the Policy Library. Cyber Security maintains a link to information security policies and related procedures and standards at

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