Environmental Stewardship

Welcome to the Office of Environmental Stewardship at Georgia Tech! Our role is to facilitate the planful management and development of finances, time, and natural resources within sustainable management and operations, in a way that contributes to our institutional effectiveness and to the achievement of the Institute's strategic goals. 

Sustainability is part of our DNA at Georgia Tech. At all levels, we embed sustainability in the broadest sense into our academics, our research, and our operations. As a division, sustainability is simply how we do business – whether building new capital programs, developing strategies for future investment, or purchasing goods and services.

Links on the left provide quick access to divisional and institutional leaders in sustainability - across academics, research, management/operations, and student leadership. You are also welcome to contact our office at 404-894-9289 or by email (julieanne@gatech.edu, felicia.winborne@carnegie.gatech.edu).

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