Mission, Vision and Business Imperatives


The Division of Administration and Finance leads, supports, and enables institutional effectiveness by providing strategic and responsive administrative, financial, information, and physical infrastructure services for Georgia Tech.


The Division of Administration and Finance will measurably advance Georgia Tech’s vision for education, research, service, and economic development by delivering innovative solutions and leading practices to the campus community.

Business Imperatives:

  1. Enable an outstanding work environment by building a high-performing organization through workforce and leadership development.
  2. Build and sustain robust partnerships and effective communication across the Institute.
  3. Use the strategic framework guiding principles to define, communicate, and address shared processes and priorities.
  4. Develop and maintain innovative systems (technology, processes, structures).
  5. Exhibit and demand ethical behavior.
  6. Demonstrate strong financial stewardship and sustainable management strategies.

Divisional Core Values:

All employees of the Georgia Tech Division of Administration and Finance should demonstrate a commitment to:

  • Support the Institute's teaching, research, and public service mission; 
  • Provide excellent customer service through teamwork, continuous improvement, and a spirit of innovation; 
  • Treat students, faculty, and fellow staff members with respect; 
  • Develop employee skill to the fullest potential; 
  • Aspire to excellence both personally and professionally; 
  • Conduct our duties with integrity, accountability and dignity; 
  • Utilize sustainable business practices and customer friendly administrative processes; and  
  • Provide access to information that assists campus community members in successfully performing their jobs.